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Sharing Information and Facts about Lyme Disease. Held Third Monday on the the Month Via Zoom: 5:30 PM – 7 PM PST.

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April:  JP Davitt, author of the “Better Book” – Journey to Becoming One Day Better and founder of the site Lymefriends was the featured speaker.   He focused on Detox and telling us about the new Lyme Friends site. Detox is so important for all of us, especially with Lyme. is a tremendous resource for anyone wanting more information on tick borne infections and treatment options.

March: Matt Ball, District Manager Butte County Mosquito & Vector Control along with Ryan Rothenwander, Vector Ecologist spoke about their tick collection and testing program in hiking and recreation areas in our county.  Also about the upcoming infected tick mapping project.

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Lyme Disease

America’s Fastest Growing Vector Borne Infectious Disease!


The funding for Lyme Disease is $63. per patient while less common vector borne diseases like Malaria and West Nile have 1800 and 200 times the per patient funding.


Reported by the CDC. Nearly 5 times higher than cases reported in 1991. Tick borne illness is a growing crisis and infectious ticks are on the move due to changing climatic conditions.


Current tests recommended by the CDC miss up to 60% of acute infections. 40% of Lyme patients end up with chronic health problems due to delayed diagnosis.

The Many Faces Of Lyme


I was 33 and living in Vacaville, CA when I was bitten by a tick in my front yard.  At…


I was born and raised in Johnson County, Iowa, and spent my childhood summers…


I am a 40 year old California native who grew up playing many sports and brought…


I was a Post World War II young kid growing up in the 1950 ‘s. We lived in San Diego…

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