The Lyme Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote awareness, education and advocacy about Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses.  Located in Chico, California, the Lyme Center serves Lyme patients, their caregivers and families throughout the Northern California area.  The Board Of Directors is comprised of individuals whom are compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to raising awareness about Lyme disease.

Monthly Support Group Meetings

3rd Monday of the month
5:30 – 7:00 PM

Northwood Commons Condo
Clubhouse – Meeting Room
Northwood Commons Place,
Chico, 95973


Installing Tick Warning Signs on Chico Area Parks’ Hiking and Biking Trails

Warning the Public of ticks, and therefore possible Lyme Disease infection, ” has always been of primary importance to The Lyme Center. A pilot project initiated in 2017 has resulted in the first signs being installed by the Chico Public Works Dept.

“Recently, we have been able to purchase 20 signs manufactured specifically under guidelines supplied to us by Chico Public Works Dept. for placement in Bidwell Park. We wish to thank Linda Herman and all the staff at Chico City Public Works Dept., for their guidance and co-operation with this project. We feel this will be a major step towards informing Chico Park users of the possible dangers associated with tick bites and tick borne diseases like Lyme. We have plans to manufacture and donate more signs for park trail placement soon. Thank you to all donors and sponsors of Lyme Aid 2018 for helping us make this happen.”

Chico Monthly Support Group and TLC Help Line

The Help Line (530 – 877 – 6666) for patients and their families has seen a ” 100% increase in requests for infection information about CDC-recognized symptoms, local support group contacts, and patient to patient support since Sept. 2017. Many calls for assistance originate from other states as well as “all over Northern California.” Lyme Patients from Sacramento, Concow, Oroville, Paradise, and Forest Ranch attend the Chico Monthly Support Group as evidence of the growing need for Lyme Patient support services in all areas of Northern California.

2019 will see an expansion of our (TLC) efforts at outreach to those infected and affected by this debilitating disease. 

What is Lyme Disease?

  • A spirochete (“SPY-ROH- KEET”) infection transmitted by an infected tick
  • Scientific name for Lyme Disease is Borrelia burgdorferi

What are the symptoms?

Lyme Disease can affect all organs of the body

  • Fever/chills
  • Headache
  • Muscle/joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive issues
  • Anxiety
  • Memory/Cognitive issues
  • plus numerous other symptoms


28 People Attended our March 18 Monthly Support Group Meeting

Mark Light MD, N.A.E.T. was our guest speaker.  Dr. Light of “Chico Integrative Health” became passionate about the success of NAET and it has become the focus of his integrative, alternative medicine practice.  He has treated many Lyme patients (some who were present) and he explained what NAET is and how the process works when a new patient starts treatment with him.  He focuses on possible allergens and unblocking energy or Chi in the meridians of the body.  Although the Lyme Center does not endorse any particular practitioners, our mission is to share as much information as possible that may be helpful to Lyme Patients.

APRIL 15:  Regular Support Group Meeting

MAY 20:  Clarice Armstrong RN – “How to Navigate the Medical System & Become your own Lyme Advocate”

Clarice, a registered nurse has plenty of first hand experience on “The Lyme disease, mainstream medicine, merry-go-round”. Her daughter,  Dhara (see Many Faces of Lyme story) became infected with Lyme at a young age.  As she watched her daughter’s youthful energy and vitality slip away, she was faced with a medical system of top professionals deny that her daughter’s pain was real.  “At times I couldn’t even hug my own daughter as she hurt so badly” says Clarice.  As a medical professional she made it her mission to navigate the system of insurance and diagnosis on behalf of her daughter.  Come here their story of defeat and victory.

The Lyme Center’s 2nd Annual LYME

Disease Educational Seminar


A testament to the growing number of people affected by Lyme Disease in Butte County, our annual educational seminar held at Enloe Conference Center in October 2018 was attended by 120 people suffering from or affected by Lyme disease.  Sunjya Schweig MD, a well known  Lyme literate physician from The “California Center for Functional Medicine” in Berkeley, CA was the keynote speaker.  Danielle Cook, a health coach from CCFMed also spoke.  Their presentation was followed by 30 minutes of Q & A.  Chico Lyme patients are so ardent for information that they lined up for over an hour after the presentation to speak with Dr. Schweig and Danielle who stayed until every question was answered.  A big thank you to them both for coming to Chico to inform and educate us.  Also thanks to Enloe for the excellent venue.

The Many Faces of Lyme

The following stories written by LYME patients are published here without alteration or editing , and are reproduced here exactly as received by THE LYME CENTER. They speak for themselves – plainly and powerfully! Do you have a LYME STORY? Please honor our first BRAVE pioneers sharing their accounts below! Join our voices – Share your story! Not in CHICO? We welcome all – California, USA, Canada, across the world!


I was born and raised in Johnson County, Iowa, and spent my childhood summers in Curtis, Michigan (upper peninsula), a Lyme endemic area.  I have 2 confirmed tick bites: one in Steamboat Lake, MN (1991), and the other in Costa Rica Rain Forest (1996). Multiple tick bites and rashes throughout childhood in Michigan and Iowa. […]


Before my 18th birthday I was active, trying to finish up high school, had a job, and was a very good student. Christmas day was when I went from able bodied person to disabled. All of my major joints were profoundly swollen and the only thing I could do was sit in a wheelchair, twitch, […]


I am a 40 year old California native who grew up playing many sports and brought that into adulthood, mainly playing basketball, hiking, and having vicious games of ping pong.  I enjoy many other hobbies including guitar, cooking, travel, and photography when not working as a psychotherapist.  Each summer I would help lead a group […]


I was a very active person in my mid 50’s, running a business, working out at the gym, and snow skiing every opportunity I could.  Shortly after returning from 10 days of skiing in Colorado I began to feel ill with bouts of low energy.  Doctors told me I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I read […]


I was a Post – World War II young kid growing up in the 1950 ‘s . We lived in San Diego County’s rural and agricultural area . We had orange groves , avocado groves , and I explored every canyon , hill , and meadow within 10 miles of Home !  I was an […]

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Lyme Facts

TLC ‘ s Mission Statement : ” To promote community awareness, education, and advocacy about Lyme Disease and other tick – borne illnesses

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Our mission is to promote community awareness, education, and advocacy about Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses