The Lyme Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote awareness, education and advocacy about Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses. Located in Northern California.

Our team is comprised of individuals whom are compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to raising awareness about Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses.


Debra had a personal experience with Lyme and is now fully recovered. She leads an active lifestyle and has a passion for helping others suffering with the perils of misdiagnosis, lack of adequate care and information about what can be a debilitating disease.  She is a retired business owner and brings her leadership and marketing skills to the table to promote The Lyme Center and get the word out via social media and advertising about the monthly Support Group which is growing in number of attendees.


Tanya Hoebel
Vice President

At 33 I was exactly where I wanted to be in my life.  In 2008 my first Lyme symptoms showed up. I got to the point where my overall body pain felt like I had bone cancer.  I went to numerous doctors and specialists but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.  After multiple false diagnosis, three negative Lyme tests and being told it was “all in my head”, I finally tested positive for Lyme and Bartonella with Igenix Labs in Palo Alto. I had multiple neurological problems and debilitating physical symptoms. I didn't know my name, I would get lost driving places, and I no longer knew how to fill out a check to pay a bill.  I had to leave my job of 17 years, close my legal business, give my home back to the bank and move back to my hometown of Chico, to be close to my family so that they could take care of me.  By 2013-14 I was mostly bedridden and had to have a caregiver. By now my money was gone as I had not had an income for 3 years. I went through a brutal homeopathic treatment program for 2 ½ years and can now say I have not had significant Lyme symptoms for 3 years. I still have some residual issues, due to the length of time I went undiagnosed, such as brain fog, ongoing fevers, fatigue and my all over body pain does creep up every once in a while.  After 12 long years, I can honestly say I feel amazing! I recently lost my home and all my worldly possessions in the Paradise Camp Fire and am starting over once again. The Lyme Center provides help and support to many like myself and I am dedicated to serving this purpose helping others navigate this confusing and often devastating disease.

Secretary & Treasurer

Daphne is a retired international flight attendant who spent 35 years flying around the world. She was an avid horseback rider and enjoyed participating in dressage competitions. She sang with Sweet Adelines, a barbershop chorus that competed annually. Over the years she struggled with many ailments, seeing a rheumatologist, neurologist and cardiologist trying to figure out what was causing all of her symptoms. Finally, 4 years ago she was diagnosed with Lyme and three co-infections. Since being diagnosed with Lyme she has found that working with herbalists, acupuncturists and body workers has provided her with much relief. She became involved with the Chico Lyme Center Support Group, two years ago and has found that relating with other Lyme patients has given her much peace of mind and she enjoys giving back to this community.

Board Member

In 2015, Judy tested positive for Lyme Disease and co-infections Anaplasmosis and Babesia. Soon after her diagnosis, she found The Lyme Center and received much needed, support and guiding information to fight for her health. Today, though still working towards total wellness, Judy is feeling strong and able to participate in life once again. She is excited to serve on the Lyme Center Board so that she can give to others the kind of support that she has received. Judy is a proud fourth generation Californian, a new grandmother and loves riding her tricycle for exercise.


Sue Slater

Sue is a retired Clinical Social Worker. She intended to work well into her 80’s but due to the effects of Lyme Disease took an early retirement in 2010.  Sue contracted Lyme Disease and a number of co-infections while camping during the summer of 2005.  She was ill for three years before her primary care doctor helped find the cause of her health decline. Raising awareness about tick borne illnesses is important to Sue. She wants everyone to know that a tick might make you sick.  For fun Sue enjoys family, reading, gardening, live music events, and recently, after years of being “on the couch” taught herself to knit.   Sue is grateful for the opportunity to work with The Lyme Center.


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