COVID 19 Update

We are here for you during this pandemic, sharing information and facts during this pandemic. We are sharing many links to talks and resources of interest to Lyme patients on our Facebook page. We will be holding our regular support group meetings the third Monday of the month via Zoom. You can call our Help Line or email for more information. To receive the link and announcements for upcoming meetings please email us and we will add you to the list. We also sponsor a group FB page – Chico Lyme Community where you can ask questions or share information with other members.

Upcoming Events

Helpful Links for information on Covid 19 and Lyme

California Center for Functional Medicine (Dr. Schwieg) – A webinar with Lyme patient support is held every Friday at 11 am. Open to all. Previous webinar recordings are available. Also video of Nations top LLMD’s discussing if Lyme patients are more susceptible to Covid 19.


The Lyme Center Helps People Affected By Lyme Recover Their “Camp Fire” Losses. With A Grant From North Valley Community Foundation