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Support Group Meeting Monday September 16th Featuring Guest Speaker Debbie Pico


Debbie Specializes in  Integrated Health Therapy. The genesis of what she does is a wide expansion of medicinal spa treatment, holistic education and research into the curative effectiveness of herbals, adaptogens and botanicals all for the purpose of wellness restoration.

Her background includes training & education in Balneotherapy, (which is an ancient practice of therapeutic bathing rituals used prominently for chronic disease in Europe, Israel & Asia and is still part of their medical system) Nutritional Protocols, Massage, Aroma Therapy, Reflex Therapy, VibroAcoustic Sound Applications, Herbal Traditions, Tonic Medicine and an array of energy modalities and mediation.  She uses this format for the purpose of prophylactic, rehabilitative and curative effects.  “Im here to help people move through necessary blockages and relying more on their own innate biology.”

She has now expanded into her own health practice.  “Not long ago my health challenges seemed insurmountable with Fibromyalgia pain, heart issues, extra pounds, and emotional depression.  Detoxing the cellular landscape and rebuilding the immune system was key as I began to feel good again.   I now continue my lifelong quest to bring health and education to those lost in a world surrounded by chemical pharmaceuticals!”

Recurring Events

Lyme Disease Support Group

Every month the group meets in Chico Ca. to discuss topics relevant to lyme disease. Visit the homepage for information on the next meeting.

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