Dear Lyme Warrior,

The Chico Lyme Center would like to share “The Many Faces of Lyme”.  Most people are unfamiliar with Lyme disease and the devastation it wreaks on those affected and their families.  It is disconcerting to hear Lyme sufferers share their all to familiar stories of inaccurate testing, misdiagnosis, prolonged ineffective treatments, denial of health insurance coverage and the inaccessibility to Lyme literate health care professionals.  We at the Lyme Center are committed to working together to change these dynamics through educating the public and health care professionals about Tick born diseases.  This involves raising funds for seminars, tick warning signs, Lyme testing and various other programs.  To facilitate this we would like to put a “face” on Lyme in our community to inform people just how devastating this disease is.

If you would  be willing to write a paragraph about your Lyme journey for us to share on our website for “The Many Faces Of Lyme”  feature we would appreciate it, and you would be helping others.  If you could also share a picture of yourself to put with your testimony, that would be great so that people can see that we are normal everyday people that look otherwise healthy.  Only first names will be shared.  The paragraph can describe a little about your life before Lyme, briefly your diagnosis or misdiagnosis story, and your current struggles, frustrations and victories.  I know this can be difficult to do but I did it and I encourage you to help us, help others.

Please send your paragraph and pic to  I have attached a media release form for you to sign and scan back to me or bring to a support group meeting, giving us permission to use your testimony.

Thanks so much, sincerely,
Debra Folsom

Faces of Lyme

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