In Faces of Lyme

I was born and raised in Johnson County, Iowa, and spent my childhood summers in Curtis, Michigan (upper peninsula), a Lyme endemic area.  I have 2 confirmed tick bites: one in Steamboat Lake, MN (1991), and the other in Costa Rica Rain Forest (1996). Multiple tick bites and rashes throughout childhood in Michigan and Iowa.

I was diagnosed and treated for Lyme Disease for by Dr. Ryser (Kansas City); Dr. Diana Smith (Kansas); Dr. Rosman (Iowa); Dr. Crist (Missouri); including a 2-day evaluation by Dr. Fallon’s team (Tick Borne Research Center, New York). Treated for Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella; including Master’s Disease.

My daughter also has Lyme Disease, acquired at birth: febrile seizures, 105 fevers, chronic pneumonia, anxiety throughout her childhood.  We spent 14 years going to out-of-state doctors for treatment.  Medical costs have led to financial devastation and homelessness in Iowa. With chronic symptoms of fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and autoimmune challenges, I am exploring naturopathic and holistic medicine to maintain wellness.

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