In Faces of Lyme
I was a Post – World War II young kid growing up in the 1950 ‘s . We lived in San Diego County’s rural and agricultural area . We had orange groves , avocado groves , and I explored every canyon , hill , and meadow within 10 miles of Home !  I was an active Boy Scout and hiked and camped everywhere . In 1962 , we moved to Washington , D.C. when my mother was part of President JFK ‘s US State Dept .
I camped, hiked , all over the mountains from Carolina to W. Virginia .
Years later , when I was living on the West Coast of Vancouver Island , British Columbia , Canada  ( early 1970 )  I became very sick with first a fever , followed by severe spinal pain , followed by partial paralysis of my legs and hands .
Of course I sought treatment thru hospitals , but was told after weeks of tests that ” IT WAS ALL IN MY MIND – AND THERE WAS NOTHING THERE ” .
I was even told that I was “ Psyco – somatic ” and I needed “ Counseling 
As my condition worsened , I had to drop out of The University of Victoria Music School – I could no longer play the piano , type essays , ( a condition that exists today for me ) or even sing ( I was an Opera Student ) and I was devastated !
Lucky for me – that was when I began a life long look at any alternative , natural methods , of fighting what I now know  is LYME BACTERIA INFECTION and TICK – BORNE CO- INFECTIONS  ( like Babesia – that I have along with others )
I studied with Dr. John Christopher ( Master Herbalist – I still take some of his herbal tinctures today – they still help ) and was one of the first acupuncture patients in Western Canada in 1973 . I was never able to go back to Music School – but I was able to record 3 albums of my own songs including :  The Lovers At Mama ‘s Cafe – which I have heard played by mariachi bands in Mexico !
Over the decades I have been misdiagnosed with so many diseases – I have to LAUGH !  MS , Parkinson’s , MD , CFS , etc. Eventually I went back to school . I have been an Elementary and High School Teacher , Song Writer and Recording Artist ,  Building Contractor , Costume Designer in LA and San Diego , Newspaper Reporter and Publisher , and Restaurant / Bar Owner in S. California . Even though Traditional Medicine has failed me , ( No one thought to check out LYME – except my primary care provider in 2015 /16 – for which I am forever grateful because she ” could think outside the box ” )  I have been able to ADAPT , LEARN , and try all kinds of therapies . Some have worked to keep the LYME infection symptoms from totally overwhelming me !  I have had good years and bad !  I still suffer from high fevers , headaches , spinal and leg pain , and partial paralysis – but not at the levels before !
Now I am blessed to talk to LYME and Co- INFECTION Disease patients from all across America and Canada ( As one patient to another ) when I answer calls from The Lyme Center ‘ s HELP LINE .
DO NOT MOPE ! THERE IS HOPE !  Get involved with a LYME PATIENTS SUPPORT GROUP near you !  You will learn things that can help you have a better life !
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