Support Groups

Chico Lyme Disease Support Group

Meets 3rd Monday of each month
5:30 – 7:30 pm – Free
Northwood Commons Condo Complex
Clubhouse – Meeting Room
Northwood Commons Place,
Chico, 95973 (off W. Lassen Ave.)

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California – The Lyme Disease Network Support Groups Listing

Online Resources


  • International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
    Has a searchable Provider database.
    Has a Symptom Checker you can fill in and take to your provider. Many articles and all the latest developments in Lyme research. Provider database for members.
  • Lyme Less – Live More
    Offers many online programs for Lyme patients, interviews with experts and information. Enrolment in multi-week cleanse programs for a fee. These are tremendously valuable and informative. A top wellness resource for Lyme patients.
  • The Better Health Guy
    Extensive resources, blog, interviews, products for Lyme patients. Can sign up for monthly newsletter.
  • Chris Kresser
    Weekly podcast, Newsletter and weekly email. Interviews with various health experts.
  • Global Lyme Alliance
    Patient Support and Educational Resources
  • Lyme Action Network
    Patient resources, blog and support
  • Live Lyme Foundation
    Support for children with Lyme Disease – resources and information.
  • Lyme Disease Association Inc.
    Research, Education, Prevention and Patient Support
  • Bay Area Lyme Foundation
    Research, resources, blog
  • Treat Lyme
    Dr. Marty Ross. Information, books, articles on various aspects of Lyme treatment.
  • Rawls MD
    Dr. Bill Rawls. Information, treatments and articles on various aspects of Lyme and related treatment.
  • How Can I Get Better
    Dr. Richard Horowitz. Symptom checker, podcasts, videos. Prominent LLMD, Dr. Horowitz speaks all over the world and has written a book on Lyme treatment protocols for practitioners and patients.
  • Tick and Mosquito Project
    We are focuses on providing content that people in tick-prone areas might find useful. We provide information on controlling mosquitoes and ticks, two creatures that are not only annoying, but also very real public safety issues.  Organizations such as MSN, Reader’s Digest, Wild Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, and eHow have used us as resources for their articles.